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Diesel Price in UAE

Diesel Prices in UAE is fluctuating in the year 2022 and it is also expected that the same will continue so far there is uncertainty in Russia and Ukrainian issues. Najm Swat Diesel Trading is one of the best solutions in terms of fuel supply in Sharjah UAE. We provide fuel-related solutions for all kinds of energy requirements from marines, road transportation, construction projects, and ports to all business sectors, & the best offer for transportation companies in Dubai. Our commitment to the services makes Najm Swat Diesel Trading a unique outsourcing solution for fuel supply, fuel management, and other related activities. We are the best choice for dependable and effective fuel-related services


Monthly diesel rates in uae

Diesel prices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are volatile and subject to change due to global oil market fluctuations. The average diesel price in UAE tends to follow international trends, with an average price of AED 3.74 per liter as of December 2022. This is slightly higher than the world average of around 3.60 per liter. It is important to note, however, that prices can vary greatly depending on the region. For example, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi diesel prices tend to be higher than in other parts of the country.

The cost of diesel has an impact on many sectors in the UAE including trucking companies, transportation hubs, and retail outlets that rely on diesel for their operations. In order to remain competitive, fuel companies in the UAE have been forced to adjust their prices to remain competitive with other global markets. 

In general, diesel remains a more cost-effective option than gasoline and is used widely in commercial transportation, as well as by many industries that rely on heavy equipment powered by diesel.

Below Table shows the yearly fuel prices in UAE for the year 2022

MonthSuper 98Special 95EPlus 91Diesel


Diesel Trading Companies in Dubai

Diesel Fuel Delivery

Najm Swat Diesel Fuel Company is a leader in supplying Commercial and Industrial customers in UAE with the very best diesel fuel supplier in Sharjah and other petroleum products available today. Najm Swat Diesel Company have taken proud ownership of including Diesel fuel Delivery and Tankers for rent on their product offerings. Our offerings do not narrow down to any other suppliers we also do provide Diesel fuel. All of our products can export and import to any part of the UAE.

Meeting your specific needs is what we do best. We know that the best transportation solutions don’t come prepackaged. Our team is flexible, creative, and efficient to ensure that we exceed your expectations every time. To streamline the communication process, we provide direct dial numbers, email, and fax. Our approach to transportation is designed to save you time and money.

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Premium quality, low sulphur automotive Diesel fuel for high-speed diesel powered engines.

Fuel On Demand Dubai


Equipped with a fleet of road tankers, we undertake the bulk overland transportation of fuel for various.


On road diesel delivery service, Construction side fuel delivery, Door to Door refueling service.

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Najm Swat Diesel trading UAE

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Quality diesel fuel from Bucks Run Oil can be used to power a wide range of commercial and recreational vehicles and equipment for in Sharjah, Dubai UAE. On-road diesel is used by many businesses to keep commercial vehicles on the move in UAE. Off-road (dyed) diesel is the top choice for farms in our area to power tractors and farming equipment to run safely and efficiently.

Commercial Fleet Fueling

Bucks Run Oil is here to make sure your commercial diesel fueling experience is simple. You order diesel, then we come to your site and fill up your trucks at a time that is convenient for your business. On-site fleet fueling helps companies save time and money, instead of spending time traveling off-site to fill up. Ordering on-road diesel fuel from Bucks Run Oil will help keep your commercial fleet on the move.

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Najm Swat diesel trading is pleased to offer reliable on-site delivery of on-road diesel fuel to commercial customers across the Lehigh Valley region. When you use Najm Swat diesel trading for commercial fleet fueling, you will receive prompt diesel fuel deliveries directly to your location’s on-site fuel tank. You can fill up your diesel commercial vehicles at your business location, instead of wasting time filling up at the gas station.

Off-Road Diesel Fuel Delivery Services:

In addition to agricultural equipment, our off-road diesel fuel is cost-effective and efficient in Sharjah uae for fueling construction machinery for your business in UAE. For leisure activities and off-road use, recreational and utility vehicles can be fueled by our ultra-low sulfur diesel in dubai. Even backup generators can run on diesel fuel to keep you safe and comfortable in the event of a power outage. We can also offer on-site fuel tanks, 275gal, 500gal or 1000gal tanks that we can keep filled for you and you can fill your own equipment as needed.

Off-Road Diesel Delivery Services:


Najm Swat High Quality Diesel Trading

Diesel fuel is a type of petroleum diesel that is derived from crude oil. It is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, which are compounds consisting of hydrogen and carbon. Diesel fuel is used in diesel engines and is also known as diesel oil, diesel engine oil, or simply diesel. Diesel fuel is produced in the United Arab Emirates and is exported to other countries around the world. The main use of diesel fuel is in transportation, but it is also used in generators, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline and a higher boiling point, making it more efficient for engines that run at high temperatures. Diesel engines are also more durable than gasoline engines, making them ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses.

On Demand Fuel Delivery
diesel home delivery

Petrol Price in UAE

UAE is one of the world’s top oil producers. Here, the cost of gasoline at the pump is among the lowest.

Since 2015, a committee under the direction of the UAE Ministry of Energy has fixed retail petrol prices on a monthly basis.

A commission under the direction of the UAE Ministry of Energy has been in charge of setting retail gasoline prices on a monthly basis since 2015.

Diesel Price in UAE

United Arab Emirates show diesel prices from 13-Jun-2022 to 19-Sep-2022. The average value for United Arab Emirates during that period was 4.25 UAE. Dirham with a minimum of 3.87 UAE. Dirham on 05-Sep-2022 and a maximum of 4.76 UAE. Dirham on 04-Jul-2022.

For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 7.04 UAE. Dirham.

On-Demand Diesel Fuel Delivery

A Diesel fuel delivery service can only be effective if fuel can be provided to people regardless of location or time. Since no vehicle can function without fuel, there has never been a better moment to design an on-demand diesel fuel delivery system. It is always ideal to scale a firm gradually with more cities and finally with countries. Typically, this means starting small with one location to test the waters.

However, there are particular conditions for starting a business of this nature, just like there are for starting any other type of business. You need to take into account a few key business factors before you start building an app to supply fuel.

Fuel Delivery Service in Sharjah

The gas is delivered to houses, residential structures, workplaces, schools, boats, transportation fleets, and individuals by well-known fuel delivery services.

For Uber to scale up and expand in the future, there is a sizable market for fuel services like a business. There are a variety of end consumers you could focus on. All you have to do is locate the proper area. You ought to do this as your initiation ritual. For instance, if you want to launch on-demand fuel delivery in Dubai, you must pick a location where customers can easily find you, interact with you, and use your services.

Frequent Ask Questions

Najm Swat is an online Diesel Home Delivery platform that offers doorstep fuel delivery in a secure, dependable, and time-effective manner. Online ordering allows you to schedule the delivery of fuel in specialist Refuellers (Najm Swat Tankers) to your location. Smarter refueling is what we’re doing!

Our services are available in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman,  and a number of another tier cities across UAE at present.

Our vehicles operate and provide deliveries 24×7 round the clock.

Najm Swat Diesel Trading purchases fuel from carefully vetted and approved local oil company dealers. Prior to being placed into our Refuellers for delivery, every drop of fuel must pass a rigorous quality assurance program. Prior to delivery, we don’t buy or store fuel. Only after receiving customer orders is fuel sourced.

We currently cash on Delivery and Direct Bank Transfer.

We currently provide HS and 10PPM Diesel all around UAE.

No, we can only deliver fuel to plated vehicles, boats and watercraft, or certain heavy equipment, such as generators.

We can only deliver fuel to vehicles parked outdoors. If you’re parked in a basement, you can bring your car out to our Pilot. Just be sure to leave a note when you make your booking asking the Pilot to call you when he arrives.

If you run out of fuel on the highway, you can order as usual. Our Pilot will make a safety assessment based on your location, and if we can safely help you, we’ll refuel your vehicle.

We can deliver fuel to:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Generators
  • Trucks
  • Many More…

High-Quality, Low-Sulfur Diesel in Sharjah UAE

At Najm Swat diesel, the fuel we offer promotes greater efficiency for your equipment and eco-friendliness for our environment. To find out more about how our low sulfur diesel fuels can help your business or can be an addition to your energy products at home, give our office a call or Conact us online.