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If you need a reliable carrier to transport your oil and diesel fuel delivery in Dubai, propane and petroleum products, Swat diesel company in uae can deliver! We have specialized tank wagons, transport and common carrier service to retail fuel stations. We also deliver to construction and utility companies, municipalities and railroads.

Your Fuel, Our Trucks, Common Carrier Service


Here are some reasons to use our Common Carrier Petroleum Product Transport Service:

  • Highest DOT safety rating
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Premier driver safety training and measurement programs
  • Comprehensive incident plans and contingency programs
  • Modern and well-maintained fleet

Our professional Transport and Tank Wagon fleet delivers bulk quantities of fuel from 200 gallons to 8,000 gallons directly to your location. Equipped with divided compartments, our fleet can deliver multiple fuel products in a single delivery. We provide you with the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Our Services

Our basic service is loading, transporting and delivering petroleum products safely and professionally to their destinations, on time and at competitive rates. Our customers range from large wholesalers to truck lines to small convenience store operators. All units are equipped to deliver to either below ground or above ground tank sites. Although we are not a large company, we leverage the best technology available to us. Our fleet is modern and well maintained.

All units are GPS equipped so that we know exactly where your load is at any given moment. Additionally, any load paperwork generated is easily accessible to our customers on the web often within a few hours of load delivery. These and other convenient extras are provided free of charge.

We are never satisfied with the status quo. We will continue looking for new ways to make life easier for our many customers and to improve their bottom line.

Swat Diesel is your one-stop, convenient fuel delivery service. We deliver all types of fuel including diesel, propane, and DEF. Our drivers are timely, experienced, and courteous so you always receive your deliveries safely and on time. We’ll develop a custom delivery schedule around your needs so your fleet is never running low.

Diesel Delivery

Having diesel fuel delivered directly to your job site saves you time and money, as well as increases efficiency. We offer clear and dyed ULSD deliveries for your fleet and heavy equipment. A low minimum quantity is required.



Off-Road Diesel Delivery

We delivery quality off-road diesel right to your heavy equipment and vehicles. Our innovative fuel monitoring system means dependable mobile and generator refueling services so you’re never left sitting.


Bulk Gasoline Delivery

We offer the latest in monitoring technology and can deliver wholesale gasoline to gas stations, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and more. You can rely on us to keep your business fueled with timely gas deliveries.

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