Mobile Refueling UAE


Mobile Refueling UAE with NAJM Swat Fuel Services’ mobile and on-site fuel services fleet offers a wide variety of direct, diesel fuel delivery service solutions. You tell us where and when to deliver, and our trucks will pump fuel directly into your fleet, equipment, or bulk tanks.

Our experienced mobile fuel services team utilizes our industry-leading technology, safest-in-class fleet, and diverse geographic footprint to seamlessly and precisely fulfill all our customers’ commercial fueling needs. Our drivers utilize truck-to-office technology to track delivered fuel quantities. This software allows for custom fuel reporting, as well as hassle-free accounting and data management.

As part of our mobile fuel services, we give you access to real-time data intelligence, driving new efficiencies into your operations. Whether you’re looking for on-site fuel services to eliminate time and wasted labor hours fueling your equipment or a centralized on-site supply of ground fuel tanks at your facility, Swat Fuel Services has the diesel fuel delivery service solution that’s most convenient for you. Night or day, our 24/7/365 logistics team optimizes routes to eliminate run-outs.

Expert Mobile Fuel Services Include the Following:

  • Wide variety of direct fuel delivery solutions
  • Experienced team members;
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Safest-in-class fleet
  • Diverse geographic footprint
  • Truck-to-office fuel tracking technology
  • Fuel reporting
  • Hassle-free accounting and data management
  • Access to real-time data intelligence
  • Industry-leading fleet fueling service

Eliminate the Costly Downtime of Refueling

Do you know how long it takes your business to get fuel?

When your operators take time out of their day to refuel, the time and expense of refueling add up quickly. Consider the travel time to a filling station, the time it takes to fill up the tank, and the time it takes to return to work. According to industry averages, this process can take 30 minutes for every vehicle or piece of equipment, every day, and equals thousands of hours every year. You may not see it, but your business is paying big for the extra labor, administration, overhead, and lost productivity.

During this downtime, you’re not getting anything in return. No product is delivered, and no construction is taking place. A fleet of 30 vehicles loses over 3,900 hours a year just getting fuel, which is the equivalent of over 16 unproductive days in a year. Worse still, few businesses accurately track their fueling details so there is no way of managing where it goes, how efficiently it’s used, how much may be going missing, or simply how much their fuel investment earned them. Determine the cost of your own refueling with our Fuel Savings Calculator.