Fuel – Bulk Delivery

Our Approach to Bulk Fuel Delivery.

Swat Diesel trading understands that time is money, which is why we deliver convenient, bulk mobile fuel delivery solutions to both construction sites and remote fleets.

Features Fuel containment and bulk storage are efficient and scale able to your needs. But they can cost your business efficiency when empty. We offer “just in time delivery” and reduce headaches with tank monitoring that alerts our team to head your way. Delivery by the gallon isn’t easy: the average person cannot drive with over 119 gallons in a single container or compartment which the Department of Transportation (DOT) classifies as bulk transportation. Be sure to align with a partner that has all the containment certifications, required hazmat endorsements, placards rigorously in place meeting all CHP and DOT requirements as well as Class A or B commercial drivers depending on the load requirements. Safety is paramount at Swat Diesel, and our team of drivers has undergone multiple levels of OSHA training including OSHA 30 Construction and General Industry, OSHA 10 (Construction), OSHA10 (Maritime). Swat Diesel trading LLC can access any location requiring Dry Dock Training and Certification and Driver Background Investigations (DBID) performed.

Save Money with the Convenience of Bulk Fuel Delivery
You can get fuel you need conveniently delivered to your home or business. You can also save money at the same time. When you purchase through us, you will never have to sacrifice the quality to get the savings either. We are regarded as one of the best providers, due to our hard work and our dedication to customer care for the last 7 years.
  • Bulk Fuels For Delivery
  • Off-road Diesel
  • Ulta-low sulfur diesel
  • #2 Heating Oil
  • Gasoline

Bulk fuel scheduling is only a call away

All of our delivery drivers are well trained and they make safety a top concern. We have a fleet of vehicles with the right equipment to get the job done. Your delivery will arrive even in adverse weather conditions. We can handle your ongoing needs and you can also call us if you have emergency that warrants fuel to be received at that point in time. Our distribution model is highly sophisticated, and one of the reasons we are able to lead in this industry. You can rely on us to get the products you want to you, on time and at an affordable price.

Fuel Assurance Program  It’s about being prepared and being proactive, with a supply available and the confidence in the condition of that fuel. Having dependable field, delivered at reliable intervals, will prime you for any of the infinite number of emergencies that can arise in the volatile world we all do business in. The cost of contaminated fuel can wreak havoc on a business. Pricey repairs, downtime, costly fuel polishing/reconditioning and storage tank damage due to water and fungus, are just some of the disastrous impacts to companies that do not monitor the condition of their on-site fuel. Let Swat Diesel trading LLC keep an eye on your fuel, and as a result, provide an important check on your business’ success as well. The Fuel Assurance Program developed by Swat Diesel trading LLC is now available for all customers with loaned tanks as well as any customers that store diesel on site. Under the program, customers will receive: • Scheduled fuel testing for water and microbes • Scheduled fuel treatments for water and microbes • Schedule replacement of filters (spin on and desiccant breathers) • Annual lab testing of fuel • Fuel polishing by an Swat Diesel trading LLC expert, when necessary • Fuel removal and tank triple wash, and fuel replacement as necessary

On-site fueling is all about convenience for our customers and logistical control for those who need to save time while monitoring operating expenses.

Benefits At Swat Diesel, our trucks deliver fuel on demand to customers requiring either bobtail or wet-hosing services across California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties, Lancaster and the high desert, and the Bay Area. We’re also equipped with fast-flow nozzles, which pump out fuel at a rate of 50-60 gallons a minute, which saves on valuable equipment downtime. On-site fueling is all about convenience for our customers and logistical control for those who need to save time while monitoring operating expenses.